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North Korea Goes Nuclear; Grab Your Gear!


I know what you’re thinking…I’ve heard this rhetoric before, and normally I would agree with you. However, the past 8 years of the previous Presidential administration has emboldened the dictatorial leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Un, to develop a nuclear program as well as an arsenal of weapons. In years past, the nuclear threats issued by Kim Jong Un were considered nothing more than the nonsensical ramblings on a fear mongering madman.

Each and every year the United States simulates exercises on the Korean peninsula with their joint military partners in the Asian theater, primarily South Korea and Japan. Every time these exercises kick off, Kim Jong Un issues more threats of destroying the capitalist west with nuclear weapons. The problem is that North Korea was afforded 8 years under Obama to fine tune their nuclear arsenal and improve it.

Today, North Korea boasts the capability of launching nuclear weapons that are able to strike anywhere in the United States. Whether that is true or not remains to be seen, but it would be wise for us to take these threats a bit more seriously than we once did. We can no longer take the ramblings of Kim Jong Un with a grain of salt. We must now consider his threats to be viable and completely possible.

Iosat Potassium Iodide Tablets

Iosat Tablets

If you haven’t grabbed yourself potassium iodide tablets and placed them in all of your emergency preparedness kits, then we highly recommend you consider them before it’s too late. Iosat potassium iodide tablets are FDA approved. Health officials the world over recommend having these tablets on hand to prevent problems with the thyroid in individuals who have been exposed to radioactive iodine as a result of an accident at a nearby nuclear reactor, or the detonation of a nuclear weapon. Grab enough for all your bags while you still can!

Personal Radiation Detector

Personal Rad Detector

This handy little device from RADTriage is a military spec personal radiation detector. It detects radiation from exposure to accidents at nuclear reactors such as Fukushima, dirty bombs, and detonation of conventional nuclear weapons as well. This device is carried in your wallet and requires no batteries. There is a sensor strip that changes colors from light to dark, when harmful levels of radiation are detected. This model has been extensively tested by IMOD (Israeli Ministry of Defense) and chosen as an early warning system for their military. Grab them now before they’re gone!

Digital Geiger Counter

Geiger Counter

This product has been designed as a portable device equipped with both visual and audio alert signals for notifying that radiation has been detected. It has an LCD module that consists of high contrast display in black and white, and can be used to detect radiation levels indoors and outdoors. It provides continuous monitoring of radiation levels and logs data every second to an internal memory which can be downloaded to a computer at a later date. Grab one today!

Seychelle Water Straw

Water Filter

Most of us have some form of water filtration equipment in our preparedness gear…but how many of us have a nuclear radiation water filter in our GO bag? This thing filters for chlorine, odor, taste, chemical pollutants, dissolved solids such as heavy metals, and up to 99{88f984d6b36f65ed4db63612fd86588bb31383307b27e64975264512cdc218b0} of nuclear contaminants; gross beta, radium 226, radon 222, uranium, cesium 137, plutonium, and radioactive iodine 131. This water filter can produce up to 25 gallons of fresh, clean, potable water. Grab a few for every member of the family before they’re gone!

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