Paraffin Wax Candles

DIY PROJECT: Emergency Lighting Solutions; Paraffin Candle Production


Survival candles are something that can be used around your traditional residence to help compensate for temporary power outages, resulting from a natural or manmade disaster. When the power goes out, one of the first things we begin searching through the house for is some source of light. Flashlights are often left from place to place, even if there is a specific place set aside for their storage. Even if they are found, the batteries in them may be drained, or at low capacity, making them all but useless. Survival candles, on the other hand, are items that can be placed strategically around the house, as decorative additions, and used if/when necessary. Survival candles, unlike other forms of alternative lighting, are easier to identify when they need replacing. With batteries, the level of power remaining cannot be determined through simple visual inspection. Survival candles are generally made from material that melts, or deteriorates as it burns. This allows us to determine how long a candle might last as opposed to wondering how much time we have before the batteries run dry.

For survival situations, or any situations for that matter, where a small amount of visible, useful light is necessary, survival candles are the items that won’t leave you stranded. Making survival candles is also a unique way of getting our children involved with learning a necessary survival skill without them realizing the education process has begun. It is also something that we, as survivalists, will remember for a lifetime, if we incorporate them into our daily lives as well as our survival strategies.

Paraffin Wax Candles

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Paraffin Candle Possibilities:
Paraffin wax is the most widely used type of wax in the industrial candle making complex. Paraffin wax is also available for DIY’ers that would like to make things themselves as a cost-effective approach to their prepper plans.

• Crock Pot
• Double Boiler
• Color Wax Dye
• Essential Oils
• Candle Wicks (pre-waxed preferred)
• Candle Molds/Shapes
• Paraffin Wax
• Candy Thermometer
• Wick Holding Method

1. Set double boiler to 200 degrees F
2. Place Paraffin wax in double boiler
3. Transfer melted wax to crock pot and keep warm enough not to set
4. Add color wax dye and allow to melt for at least 5 minutes
5. Stir melted wax and color dye completely
6. Add a few drops of preferred essential oil(s)
7. Stir melted wax frequently and keep temp between 200-390 degrees F (use candy thermometer to test)
8. Arrange candle molds for collecting molten wax
9. Place wick in each container
10. Pour molten wax into mold
11. Use preferred wick holding method to keep wick erect
12. Allow containers to cool overnight
13. Clip wicks and store candles

The wick holding method used will be determined by the collection containers used to hold the molten wax. Pencils, or aluminum foil, as described in the two previous survival candle solutions can be considered here as well.

These are very easy candles to make, and if you want to substitute an old coffee can and unused cooking pot for the double boiler and crock pot, then by all means do so. The important thing to remember with paraffin wax is to keep stirring it frequently to prevent ‘skinning’ over the top.

Homemade paraffin wax candles of this nature tend to form a depression around the wick after cooling overnight. You can either leave them in this fashion using them when needed, or you can add more melted paraffin wax to even them off, and allow for another day of cooling before preparing them for storage.

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