Beeswax Candles

DIY PROJECT: Emergency Lighting Solutions; Beeswax Candle Building


With survival candle solutions, the only thing required to use them effectively is a flame. Candles provide an adequate source of light for small tasks and can reduce our use of the means listed above for larger chores requiring more ample lighting conditions. They are an effective solution for roaming through the survival shelter, or your home residence after dark. In a residential setting, survival candles in use after day light hours, will reduce our consumption of grid provided electricity, and although it may not be much, this will save us a few pennies on the monthly electric bill.

Survival candles are something that can be used around your traditional residence to help compensate for temporary power outages, resulting from a natural or manmade disaster. When the power goes out, one of the first things we begin searching through the house for is some source of light. Flashlights are often left from place to place, even if there is a specific place set aside for their storage. Even if they are found, the batteries in them may be drained, or at low capacity, making them all but useless. Survival candles, on the other hand, are items that can be placed strategically around the house, as decorative additions, and used if/when necessary. Survival candles, unlike other forms of alternative lighting, are easier to identify when they need replacing. With batteries, the level of power remaining cannot be determined through simple visual inspection. Survival candles are generally made from material that melts, or deteriorates as it burns. This allows us to determine how long a candle might last as opposed to wondering how much time we have before the batteries run dry.

Beeswax Candles

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For survival situations, or any situations for that matter, where a small amount of visible, useful light is necessary, survival candles are the items that won’t leave you stranded. Making survival candles is also a unique way of getting our children involved with learning a necessary survival skill without them realizing the education process has begun. It is also something that we, as survivalists, will remember for a lifetime, if we incorporate them into our daily lives as well as our survival strategies.

Beeswax Candles:
Beeswax candles are another easy to manufacture survival candle solution. Since the wax itself does not require melting, beeswax candles are an excellent option for getting the kids involved in a prepper project.

Beeswax candles offer a nice warm glow, and a pleasant, sweet natural scent, which means that we won’t be needing to add any additives to create the scents we want. Beeswax is also offered in natural color, so there isn’t any need to worry about creating colorful combinations.

• 8” X 16” Beeswax Sheets (Several)
• Candle Wick (primed and suitable for a 1” candle)
• Sharp Knife (razor or paring)
• Cutting Board/Surface

1. Lay a single sheet of beeswax on cutting board
2. Cut wick to 9-1/2”
3. Place the cut wick centered on an 8” side of the beeswax (leave ¾” wick exposed from each end
4. Fold 1/8” of edge of beeswax sheet over the entire length of wick
5. Beginning at one end, press the folded over beeswax firmly in place (this creates the channel for the wick, so it needs to hold tight)
6. Gently continue rolling the beeswax (do not use excessive pressure, just make sure the roll is nice and even the entire length of the sheet.) Try not to damage the honeycomb structure of the beeswax during the process
7. Continue the gentle rolling process until you reach the other end of the beeswax sheet
8. Using your thumb, or another solid yet flexible device, smooth the exposed edge into the final wrap
9. Examine the finished beeswax candle to determine which end you would like to be the top
10. Cut wick flush with the bottom
11. Stand on candle holder
12. Light and watch the glow

There are various methods of making beeswax candles. The wax sheets can be folded, manipulated and modified to create whatever design or shape you favor. These survival candles are easy to create. Small children can get involved with the rolling process, and should be supervised and assisted along the way.

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