Bacon Grease Candle

DIY PROJECT: Emergency Lighting Solutions; Bacon Grease Candles


Survival candles are something that can be used around your traditional residence to help compensate for temporary power outages, resulting from a natural or manmade disaster. When the power goes out, one of the first things we begin searching through the house for is some source of light. Flashlights are often left from place to place, even if there is a specific place set aside for their storage. Even if they are found, the batteries in them may be drained, or at low capacity, making them all but useless. Survival candles, on the other hand, are items that can be placed strategically around the house, as decorative additions, and used if/when necessary. Survival candles, unlike other forms of alternative lighting, are easier to identify when they need replacing. With batteries, the level of power remaining cannot be determined through simple visual inspection. Survival candles are generally made from material that melts, or deteriorates as it burns. This allows us to determine how long a candle might last as opposed to wondering how much time we have before the batteries run dry.

For survival situations, or any situations for that matter, where a small amount of visible, useful light is necessary, survival candles are the items that won’t leave you stranded. Making survival candles is also a unique way of getting our children involved with learning a necessary survival skill without them realizing the education process has begun. It is also something that we, as survivalists, will remember for a lifetime, if we incorporate them into our daily lives as well as our survival strategies.

Bacon Grease Candle

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Burning the Bacon Candle:
This is one of my favorite lard candle creations, simply because I appreciate the aroma and flavor of bacon frying in the pan, almost as much as I enjoy eating it off the plate. This is basically taking the above concept in a more distinct direction.

• Bacon Grease
• Wick (and holding mechanism)
• Matches
• Container
• Scissors

1. Fry bacon
2. Place wick in container and drape over top edge
3. Pour excess grease into container (make sure not to let the wick fall back inside)
4. Allow grease to cool
5. Continue adding bacon grease periodically
6. When container is full clip of excess wick
7. Light wick and watch glow

You can make any size of bacon grease candle you desire, it all depends on the container being used. Small glass condiment jars can be used to manufacture personal votive candles, and larger metal or glass containers can be used for a longer lasting bacon grease scented candle.

There is no need to strain the bacon grease, but you may if you so desire. You can also make a bacon candle without frying the bacon first. In a power outage situation, your refrigerator probably isn’t going to be working. If you have a package of bacon available and want to get some use out of it before it goes bad, then remove it, cut it open and prepare to slice the bacon. For this procedure, you will want a glass container of sufficient size. Cut the fat from the bacon, discard the meat, or save it to cook over an open fire. Place a wick in the glass jar and arrange the trimmed fat content in around it. Make sure to pack the trimmed fat in firmly. Trim the exposed length of wick to ¼” above the surface of the trimmed fat. Light the wick and watch it glow. The bacon fat itself will begin to melt just as wax would and render your residence full of that fried bacon aroma.

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