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5 Survival Gadgets You Should Have


When we suggest survival gear here on StudySurvival.com, we tend to focus on those items that are compact, light weight, durable, and capable of multiple functions. Heavy, bulky and cumbersome equipment will get left behind as the weight of gear grinds against your body. When putting together a bugout ..

Survival Kit

The Seventy2 Survival Bag


Are you new to emergency preparedness? Are you having a little trouble trying to find the right bug out bag, the proper gear to place in it, as well as information on why it is important? Or, maybe you are simply tired of searching through pages of websites reading all of the opposing views and […]


Snow Trench Shelter Construction


Winter is here and in full swing, which means that many states are either covered in snow, or will soon be covered in snow. If you plan on traveling during the winter months, either for vacation or just to visit friends a few hours away, then you should have plans in place to help you […]