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How to Prevent Prepper Procrastination


To get involved with emergency preparedness, it is imperative that you set goals, and not just set them, but that you have the tenacity to see them through. If you currently set goals that you continuously fail to see through to fruition, becoming better prepared is going to be an exercise in futility. ..

Lighting Fire

FIRECRAFT: How to Light the Fire


In the first segment of this series we discussed Basic Principles, Site Selection & Preparation. In the second segment of this series we went a bit further and discussed Material Selection, Building Fires, & Fire Configurations. Today we will round it out by discussing various methods of lighting ..

Fire Configurations

FIRECRAFT: Material Selection, Building a Fire, Fire Configurations


In the first segment on firecraft we discussed basic fire principles as well as site selection and preparation. In this segment, we will continue to discuss various aspects of fire including the selection of material for tinder, kindling, and fuel, how to build the fire, and we will even share a few fire ..

Base for fire in snow

FIRECRAFT: Basic Principles, Site Selection & Preparation


In many survival situations, the ability to start a fire can make the difference between living and dying. Fire can fulfill many needs. It can provide warmth and comfort. It not only cooks and preserves food, it also provides warmth in the form of heated food that saves calories our body normally uses ..