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Family Prepared

Talking to Family About Prepping


Preppin’ ain’t crazy! That’s the kneejerk response most of us want to shout at our friends and family members who view our activities as being nothing more than conspiracy theory precautions. It’s also the wrong way to go about convincing those folks that we are, in fact, not looney tunes. Prepping, ..

Helping Neighbors

Helping a Neighbor During a Disaster


Without fail, disasters bring out the best in some people and the worst in others. Some people are better prepared for handling a disaster situation, while others rely on their neighbors, the local community, and government response agencies for assistance. As preppers, we all know how important it is to take ..


An Annual Review of Prepping


Although you might consider yourself a “prepper,” unless you conduct an annual review of your plans and gear, you are not fully prepared. Emergency situations and disasters can occur within the blink of an eye, often without any forewarning. If you have gear in your kits that has passed the expiration ..


Temporary Survival Shelter Configurations


In a survival situation, the first type of shelter you build is going to be temporary. The initial hope of the survivalist is to keep out of the elements long enough to be rescued. In the event rescue does not arrive, a more robust survival shelter for permanent use may need to be considered. With […]

Survival Shelter

The Importance of Shelter to Survival


Most of us here in the United States take shelter for granted. We are born into it, raised in a shelter, and go onto to buy or build our own shelter when we attain adulthood. Very seldom do we consider what it would be like to find ourselves stranded in the wilderness with a need […]

Library Resource List

The Survival Library List


In a previous post regarding How to Build a Survival Library, we shared a list of categories and sub-categories for the prepper to focus on when researching books to assemble for a survival library. Today we are going to flesh out a list of books by title and author that we feel would make an […]

prepper group

The Benefits of Starting a Prepper Group


In the all but uncertain times we find ourselves in, is it any wonder that more and more people are turning to prepping and survivalism? Most of these people got involved with prepping for personal reasons; they suffered and survived through some type of natural disaster, and have no desire to get caught ..

Prepper Groups

How to Find a Prepper Group Fit for You


There are two rules to keeping a secret; Rule #1) Never tell someone everything you know. The same can be said about prepping; you should never tell someone everything you are doing with regards to prepping, unless that person is someone you are intimately familiar with, and who you trust implicitly ..

Homesteading Basics

Homesteading Basics 101


Without question, there has been a growing interest in homesteading and returning to the lifestyles of our not so distant relatives. Although a majority of us have transitioned to dependency driven lifestyles that we were trained to believe were sustainable, the fact of the matter is, these are failing ..

Family Bugging Out

The Basics of Bugging Out


Bugging Out is an Emergency Preparedness concept that considers evacuating an area during disaster to be the best course of action for said scenario. Making the decision to bugout, or to shelter in place, is a personal choice for most preppers. However, before one can make the conscious decision to bugout ..