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Fortitude Ranch

Fortitude Ranch Survival and Recreational Facility


There are many types of Preppers, but most of us find that we don’t have enough time, skills, or money to be truly prepared on our own or with immediate family. Most people are better off joining a survival community with professional staff and a good facility—providing economies of scale with large ..


Survival Superfood


Right about now, you’re probably asking yourself; what is superfood? We’d like to thank you for asking and get right down to answering that question to the best of our ability. Superfoods are those foods which are thought to possess an extremely dense amount of nutrition, making them an excellent ..

Homesteading Hands

10 Homesteading Habits City Folks Can’t Comprehend


How many of you homesteaders have city folks for friends? It’s quite alright if you do. In fact, if you do have a few friends who live in the city, then this post will more than likely strike home for you. Living on a homestead involves doing several things our cousins in the city know […]

Martial Law

Is Martial Law Coming to America?


To say we live in uncertain times is an understatement. If things weren’t volatile enough prior to Donald Trump being elected the 45th President of the United States, they have become so with increasing frequency since he took office. We are currently, and continuously, bombarded with agenda driven ..

Community Meat Locker

Community Meat Lockers; Urban Sustainability Concepts


Community meat lockers may have been a thing of the past, but by several accounts they appear to be making a comeback in modern times. Food cultivation, preservation, and sustainability practices that were once a part of the traditional lifestyle of early settlers, are once again finding their way into ..


Live Off Grid—Go To Jail?


Here recently in the United States, regulators in several counties have passed local zoning ordinances that make it all but impossible for people to consider living in an off-grid environment. In certain instances, those attempting to live a self-reliant and sustainable lifestyle have been threatened ..

Winter Driving

Winter Driving Safety & Survival


Winter is here, and if it hasn’t arrived in your state just yet, get ready because it is on it’s way in a quick hurry. Several northern tier states are already experiencing wild winter weather and most weather forecasts are calling for more of the white stuff to continue falling over the next ..


Closed Loop Communities; The Future of Sustainable Suburban Living


For those who will be fortunate enough to reside in a brand-new community being erected in a suburb of Amsterdam, the future of sustainable suburban communities looks bright. Residents may find that their dining room is adjacent to an indoor vegetable garden, while just outside the window rests a seasonal ..