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How to Prevent Prepper Procrastination


To get involved with emergency preparedness, it is imperative that you set goals, and not just set them, but that you have the tenacity to see them through. If you currently set goals that you continuously fail to see through to fruition, becoming better prepared is going to be an exercise in futility. ..


Live Off Grid—Go To Jail?


Here recently in the United States, regulators in several counties have passed local zoning ordinances that make it all but impossible for people to consider living in an off-grid environment. In certain instances, those attempting to live a self-reliant and sustainable lifestyle have been threatened ..

Beeswax Candles

DIY PROJECT: Emergency Lighting Solutions; Beeswax Candle Building


With survival candle solutions, the only thing required to use them effectively is a flame. Candles provide an adequate source of light for small tasks and can reduce our use of the means listed above for larger chores requiring more ample lighting conditions. They are an effective solution for roaming ..


Snow Trench Shelter Construction


Winter is here and in full swing, which means that many states are either covered in snow, or will soon be covered in snow. If you plan on traveling during the winter months, either for vacation or just to visit friends a few hours away, then you should have plans in place to help you […]

Winter Driving

Winter Driving Safety & Survival


Winter is here, and if it hasn’t arrived in your state just yet, get ready because it is on it’s way in a quick hurry. Several northern tier states are already experiencing wild winter weather and most weather forecasts are calling for more of the white stuff to continue falling over the next ..


Closed Loop Communities; The Future of Sustainable Suburban Living


For those who will be fortunate enough to reside in a brand-new community being erected in a suburb of Amsterdam, the future of sustainable suburban communities looks bright. Residents may find that their dining room is adjacent to an indoor vegetable garden, while just outside the window rests a seasonal ..


Necessary Hand Tools for Long Term Survival #2


In the first segment of this two part series we covered 5 hand tools that will make long term survival easier to manage. In this segment we feature another 5 hand tools for your consideration in a long term survival situation! Most people give this very little thought, if any at all. They firmly believe ..

Hand Drills

Necessary Hand Tools for Long Term Survival #1


Most of us in the modern era are familiar with power tools. We have screw guns, drills, skill saws, grinders and jigsaws, just to name a few. This is how we prefer to tackle DIY tasks when possible. Power tools save time and reduce the wear and tear we put our own bodies through, so […]

Lighting Fire

FIRECRAFT: How to Light the Fire


In the first segment of this series we discussed Basic Principles, Site Selection & Preparation. In the second segment of this series we went a bit further and discussed Material Selection, Building Fires, & Fire Configurations. Today we will round it out by discussing various methods of lighting ..

Fire Configurations

FIRECRAFT: Material Selection, Building a Fire, Fire Configurations


In the first segment on firecraft we discussed basic fire principles as well as site selection and preparation. In this segment, we will continue to discuss various aspects of fire including the selection of material for tinder, kindling, and fuel, how to build the fire, and we will even share a few fire ..