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prepper group

The Benefits of Starting a Prepper Group


In the all but uncertain times we find ourselves in, is it any wonder that more and more people are turning to prepping and survivalism? Most of these people got involved with prepping for personal reasons; they suffered and survived through some type of natural disaster, and have no desire to get caught ..

Prepper Groups

How to Find a Prepper Group Fit for You


There are two rules to keeping a secret; Rule #1) Never tell someone everything you know. The same can be said about prepping; you should never tell someone everything you are doing with regards to prepping, unless that person is someone you are intimately familiar with, and who you trust implicitly ..

Homesteading Basics

Homesteading Basics 101


Without question, there has been a growing interest in homesteading and returning to the lifestyles of our not so distant relatives. Although a majority of us have transitioned to dependency driven lifestyles that we were trained to believe were sustainable, the fact of the matter is, these are failing ..

Survival Slingshot

Slingshots for Survival Hunting


In a real world SHTF situation that pits us in the middle of unfamiliar territory, being able to secure food will be essential to survival. One of the easiest weapons to bring along with you, any time you are venturing into the woods, is the slingshot. Slingshots are compact, lightweight, and yet powerful ..

Shoestring Survival

Shoestring Survival & Budget Bushcraft


One of the biggest concerns new preppers have when beginning their quest to become better prepared, is cost. Quite a few people who prep, also live on a very tight budget, some are even struggling to make it from paycheck to paycheck, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Fortunately for them, there ..


7 Helpful Hints for Starting a Homestead


How many times have you sat back and thought to yourself; “tomorrow I get that garden started,” or maybe something like, “next week I’m going to build that chicken coop and start raising livestock.” Believe it or not, today’s hustle and bustle society creates and overwhelming atmosphere that ..

Family Bugging Out

The Basics of Bugging Out


Bugging Out is an Emergency Preparedness concept that considers evacuating an area during disaster to be the best course of action for said scenario. Making the decision to bugout, or to shelter in place, is a personal choice for most preppers. However, before one can make the conscious decision to bugout ..

Essential Electronics

Essential Electronics for Survival


In a perfect world, we would have no need for prepping…but this is not a perfect world, nor are we perfect creatures occupying it. When it comes to survival, knowledge is king. You cannot develop and maintain skill sets without proper knowledge. In fact, the proper knowledge and will can outweigh all the gear ..

5 Survival Gadgets You Should Have


When we suggest survival gear here on StudySurvival.com, we tend to focus on those items that are compact, light weight, durable, and capable of multiple functions. Heavy, bulky and cumbersome equipment will get left behind as the weight of gear grinds against your body. When putting together a bugout ..

Survival Kit

The Seventy2 Survival Bag


Are you new to emergency preparedness? Are you having a little trouble trying to find the right bug out bag, the proper gear to place in it, as well as information on why it is important? Or, maybe you are simply tired of searching through pages of websites reading all of the opposing views and […]