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Survival Slingshot

Slingshots for Survival Hunting


In a real world SHTF situation that pits us in the middle of unfamiliar territory, being able to secure food will be essential to survival. One of the easiest weapons to bring along with you, any time you are venturing into the woods, is the slingshot. Slingshots are compact, lightweight, and yet powerful ..

Shoestring Survival

Shoestring Survival & Budget Bushcraft


One of the biggest concerns new preppers have when beginning their quest to become better prepared, is cost. Quite a few people who prep, also live on a very tight budget, some are even struggling to make it from paycheck to paycheck, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Fortunately for them, there ..

Essential Electronics

Essential Electronics for Survival


In a perfect world, we would have no need for prepping…but this is not a perfect world, nor are we perfect creatures occupying it. When it comes to survival, knowledge is king. You cannot develop and maintain skill sets without proper knowledge. In fact, the proper knowledge and will can outweigh all the gear ..


Necessary Hand Tools for Long Term Survival #2


In the first segment of this two part series we covered 5 hand tools that will make long term survival easier to manage. In this segment we feature another 5 hand tools for your consideration in a long term survival situation! Most people give this very little thought, if any at all. They firmly believe ..

Hand Drills

Necessary Hand Tools for Long Term Survival #1


Most of us in the modern era are familiar with power tools. We have screw guns, drills, skill saws, grinders and jigsaws, just to name a few. This is how we prefer to tackle DIY tasks when possible. Power tools save time and reduce the wear and tear we put our own bodies through, so […]