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Studying Self-Defense for Survival


It’s no secret that is has become increasingly difficult to protect yourself when you’re out in public. Stricter gun laws and gun free zones, put more of us unnecessarily at risk than ever before. Even in states with Open Carry/Constitutional Carry laws, there are still facilities and areas where ..

Rad Symbol

North Korea Goes Nuclear; Grab Your Gear!


I know what you’re thinking…I’ve heard this rhetoric before, and normally I would agree with you. However, the past 8 years of the previous Presidential administration has emboldened the dictatorial leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Un, to develop a nuclear program as well as an arsenal of weapons. ..


Got Water Filters…?


Water is the elixir of life. We cannot live without it for more than 3 days, and with winter already upon us, finding water that isn’t frozen will be your top priority during a disaster situation. While frozen water can be thawed and consumed for winter survival, digging it out, starting a fire, and boiling ..


Survival Superfood


Right about now, you’re probably asking yourself; what is superfood? We’d like to thank you for asking and get right down to answering that question to the best of our ability. Superfoods are those foods which are thought to possess an extremely dense amount of nutrition, making them an excellent ..

Faraday Duffel

Grab Your EMP Gear


Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, you should be fully aware of the constant and continuous “nuclear” rhetoric that streams from the darkest corner of the planet, North Korea. While we seldom had to take this rhetoric seriously in the past, the Obama years emboldened ..

50 cal ammo can

5 Fast DIY Faraday Cage Designs


If you are not familiar with EMP’s (Electro-Magnetic Pulses) and their destructive effects, then take a few seconds to check out this short article for a better understanding. When it comes to things survival related, such as Faraday Cages, I seldom look beyond the U.S. military to determine whether ..


Homesteading Vacation Hints


Living on a homestead is quite a bit different from living in the city. People who live an urban/suburban lifestyle operate under entirely different conditions than those found on a homestead. City folks usually have a daily routine that goes something like this; alarm goes off, they get up, eat breakfast, ..

Homesteading Hands

10 Homesteading Habits City Folks Can’t Comprehend


How many of you homesteaders have city folks for friends? It’s quite alright if you do. In fact, if you do have a few friends who live in the city, then this post will more than likely strike home for you. Living on a homestead involves doing several things our cousins in the city know […]


Making the Most of Your Money: Helpful Homesteading Hints


Ask anyone who has an interest in getting started with homesteading, what their biggest obstacle is, and the will more than likely offer a reply that ties directly into the amount of finances they have available for embarking on this type of lifestyle. Quite a few people have the ambition to transition ..

Martial Law

Is Martial Law Coming to America?


To say we live in uncertain times is an understatement. If things weren’t volatile enough prior to Donald Trump being elected the 45th President of the United States, they have become so with increasing frequency since he took office. We are currently, and continuously, bombarded with agenda driven ..